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Considering that the Eagles just won the NFC Championship and are going to the Super Bowl, I figured it was time for something even more improbable: new pix! Yes, after more than a year, we're finally putting up pictures here. Chrystyne's fault. She's taken so many with her new digital camera that the hard drive will collapse if we don't upload some (not true). Of course, it's all in the Photo Section.

Speaking of Chrystyne, she has gone positively berserk on the art scale. Not only has she sold a decent amount of prints through deviantART, but she's actually got her first exhibition of her work. I'll wait for the applause to die down...that's better. It's in July at a local library, so it's not exactly The Met, but it's a start!

Elsewhere, the girls are terrific. Lara is just eating school up. Elana just learned to ride a bicycle without training wheels. I think we're going to have to get Lara a bike with training wheels before her next birthday so she can at least attempt to keep up. Elana learned today the Dark Side of trying tricks on her bike. Wipeout City, but she's okay.

My latest obsession is City of Heroin, er, Heroes. Scott's fault for letting me make a hero and play it at his house. Now I'm hopelessly hooked and will hopefully be getting some serious therapy from Chrystyne .

Limnersphere @ deviantART Western rule Novispoon @ deviantART

All of us, November 2004 Welcome to the Photo Section. The photo at right is us November 2004. Needed a new family shot for Lara's school, and thus if found its way here. Anyway, below is a suite of good pictures, silly pictures, or any other pictures we decided to inflict upon you . Be warned that since Chrystyne got her new camera the pix we're putting here are much bigger than the old ones.

Another Western rule

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