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Jan 16, 2009: It is a fine year.EAGLES!!!!

Didn't get the NFC East Division Championship I wanted, but who expected an Eagles-Cardinals NFC Championship? I am still a proud and happy Eagles fan. On to Tampa!

This image is copyrighted by the NFL (see the Official NFL Pages) and the Philadelphia Eagles.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program.

LATEST UPDATE ***(1/16/09)***:

Egad. One update in 7 years. Ridiculous.

So, I'm still doing User Experience. Find me on LinkedIn for current details on that, or Facebook for typical Facebook stuff.

Been playing City of Heroes for over four years now. Still haven't gotten as far as I can go (I'm slow, what can I say?). Check out The Heroes.

Been playing electric bass since June 2008. Serious fun. More fun than I had with the guitars I've played with for ten years. It's just a starter pack from Ibanez (transparent red finish), but I love it.

Latest fun is Spore, as you can see up at the top of the page (if you allowed the ActiveX control).


Just can't seem to update this page much. I'm back to doing User Interface Design, and am very happy now. Gotta find some time to play my guitar and make some more images.

One of my images is being used at Poetry Parlor. Very cool.

Would you believe I've been a, heaven forbid, MANAGER for over the last year? Sometimes I can't believe it either. But don't worry, I'm going back to techie stuff soon. Polonius said, "To thine own self be true." Amen to that.

In other news, check out Deviant Art. It's an internet artist community that is very cool. You can find my stuff (some of which is also here in Novi Productions) under my handle of noviwan.

Scott, that's me, finally made the leap from New Jersey to South Florida. After the Blizzard of '96 (we got 27 inches in one night), I wonder what took me so long. I'm very happy working since for Citrix Systems here in Ft. Lauderdale.

In NJ, I was a software engineer for CSF Corporation, a small consulting house in Somerset, New Jersey. Then, I was a Senior Systems Analyst for Health Systems Solutions, a Market Arts Company, in Millburn, New Jersey doing software development for the healthcare industry. But I don't think HSS exists anymore.

The image at the top is a computer rendering of a painting my father did in 1964. He didn't title it, but we all call it The Blue Kidney or The Ruptured Kidney. It's abstract, and probably of not much artistic value, but I have it hanging on my wall at home.

I'd like to show you a picture of my wonderful daughter Marlee, born 1/30/96, or my smiley son Zachary, born 11/25/99, but I haven't scanned pictures of them in yet.

I also seriously enjoy computer graphics, and I create static images (and a few short animations) as a hobby (or as a freelance graphic artist). I have used Pixar Typestry, Caligari TrueSpace 2 and 3, and most recently Bryce 3D and Poser 3 from MetaCreations. For samples of my work, check out my Image Gallery.

In fact, there's all kinds of interesting stuff of mine (and a much better page than this sorry excuse for HTML) at Novi Productions.

I am an identical twin, and my brother (
Ian) has his own page where you can get info on him.

Here's a recent picture of the two of us together. The dressing almost alike was a complete, and annoying, accident. :-) And, no, we're not talking to each other!

I'm on the right. Ian is part of Novi Productions, too.

Fun links:

The Official Star Wars Website
Star Wars Home Page at UPENN (my alma mater)
Chord On Blues (slow) (an a cappella singing group I was in at UPENN)
Overdrive MUD (I used to play here as Viri the Witch)
Oracle of Bacon
Cyan (makers of MYST)
The Franklin Institute Science Museum
Dave Barry columns at the Miami Herald

Graphics and Java Links (also neat graphics at Cyan):
Star Wars Modeling Alliance
3D Cafe

Here's what I consider my areas of expertise (other than imaging):
Software engineering, Graphical User Interfaces
C, C++, MFC, Windows
NT system programming
X, Xt, Olit, Motif, UNIX
Internet programming
HTML, including Forms and Frames (though you couldn't tell from this page)
Database design and programming
Microsoft SQL Server
ORACLE programming using Embedded SQL
Microsoft Access
Automated Testing (XRunner TSL programming, but we're going way back)
Phone:(954) 229-6281

Last update: 16 Jan 2009
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